Best massage chair for upper back pain india [2022]

Are you in search of a great massage chair? If your answer is yes then rest assured. Through this article, we will try our best to make sure that you are successful in your search of finding a good and affordable massage chair. When you have to buy something through the internet. So it becomes very difficult. Which company’s product to buy and then the problem gets worse. When the price of the product is too high. And the product is a luxury item. Our team has searched about different massage chair. And which massage chair is the best and best for the customer. A list of similar massage chairs is given in this article. Through which you can be sure which type of massage chair you want to buy.

Here is a list of some massage chairs.


1 JSB MZ08 Full Body Massage Chair Recliner Zero Gravity for Home Stress Relief (Coffee Brown)
2 INDOBEST 4D Massage Chair | Cloud Type Massage Airbags | Bluetooth Connectivity Zero Gravity
3 JSB MZ14 Powerful Full Body Massage Chair for Home with Strong Massage 3D Zero Gravity


Before solving the question of which type of massage chair will be right for you, let us see the answers to the questions that come before buying a massage chair.

Is sitting in a massage chair good for you?

Many people have this question in their mind. The massage chair is just a luxury item. Which is just a normal furniture item. But this is never true. If you are able to get a good massage chair, then this massage chair can prove to be effective to a great extent to keep your body healthy. Massage chair provides relaxation to your body. On the other hand, it is also considered good for blood circulation.

Can massage chairs be harmful?

Absolutely not. If you buy any type of massage chair. And if you follow the guidelines made for the massage chair, then it cannot be dangerous for you at all.

The JSB MZ08 Massage Chair for sale online is an excellent massage chair. If you want to enjoy zero gravity massage chair by staying at home. Then JSB MZ08 Massage Chair can prove to be a profitable deal for you. If we talk about the service of this chair, then very good service is given to you by the company. Your blood circulation gets a boost through this chair. This chair eases your back pain. This massage chair provides relaxation to your entire body. If you are worried a lot. So you will feel a lot more peace after using this massage chair.

1 With the JSB MZ08, you can expect the following health benefits :

  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Proper Foot Care
  • We Care for your Back
  • Pain Relief
  • Full Body Relaxation


Full Body Airbag & Rollers

The smart airbags of the massage chair for legs and back hold and release the muscles the same way as a skilled and professional therapist does to relieve your pain. The airbags of the seat inflates simultaneously to induce better flexibility to your lower back.

The roller mechanism of the chair is specially designed to work on those hard to reach spots of the back, shoulders, and neck. With a sturdy L shape rail, you are bound of enjoy its back massage.

Lower Back Heat

Select to recline completely, remove all weight and pressure while enjoying the heating function that warms your lower back. Experience the full body massager chair for pain relief and kneading massage with soothing heat. The full body massage chair machine comes with a heater to provide comfort to your lower back.


2 JSB MZ14 Powerful Full Body Massage Chair for Home with Strong Massage 3D Zero Gravity

This is a very luxurious massage chair in the range of massage chairs. By the way, massage chair is in luxury products. Whose value is also higher. But if you are in search of a good and affordable massage chair. The JSB MZ14 could be the right product for you. It is an economical chair as compared to other chair and the price of this chair is also moderate as compared to other chair. You will not need to visit any therapist once you bring this chair home. It is also very easy to walk. One year warranty is also provided to you by the company on this chair.

Zero Gravity

Experience and feel the stress-relieving benefits of the zero-gravity massage in the JSB MZ14 and combine it with your own customized massage program. The massage chair is designed in such a way that it can really take the pressure of your whole body by de-stressing you from head to toe.

3D rollers for more customized massage

3D rollers of this recliner chair helps to provide deeper massage strokes allowing more coverage area on the back. Select from a variety of massage modes like kneading, tapping, shiatsu or knock. Or let the Auto Mode fix your back while you sit back and relax.

Full Body Airbag & Roller Massage

Equipped with a premium L track rail system, the rollers of this MZ14 massage chair travel through your neck, back and hips to provide complete back pain relief.

The airbags of the JSB MZ14 massage chair release muscle tension similar to a professional therapist which tends to relieve your pain. At the same time, the airbags of the seat inflate alternately to induce x-twist massage.


3 INDOBEST 4D Massage Chair | Cloud Type Massage Airbags | Bluetooth Connectivity Zero Gravity |
  • It promotes proper blood circulation and wellness, easing your mind and body of the day’s worries.
  • Massage chair Manual massage for the upper body with three options, fixed, partial, and overall massage , with five levels of speed adjustable in the state of flapping, shiatsu, and knocking, the width between the two kneading balls which are adjustable with three Levels.
  • Accompany your massage with the soothing music of your choice by connecting any device to the in-built Bluetooth speakers.
  • Real Super Long S Track of 1450mm, Zero gravity Heavy Duty Chair .
  • Multiple Air Bags in all parts of the chair, Back massage, Calf Massage, Foot massage, Multiple Options for Head Massage .
  • Intensity Control .



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